Rate Survey
Since 1991, our Annual Rate Survey issue has provided a continuing overview of changing rates for physicians’ liability insurance. It is a picture we paint state-by-state because insurers base their rates on the aggregate claims experience in a particular geographic area.

Rates are reported by state, territory and insurer for each of three medical specialties—internal medicine, general surgery and OB/Gyn. We believe these specialties reflect the wide range of rates among specialties. Detailed information on patient compensation fund states is also included—to provide an accurate picture of what physicians pay in these fund states.

Our Rate Survey is consistently cited by the U.S. General Accounting Office, Congressional Budget Office, Department of Health & Human Services, innumerable newspapers and trade journals as well as regularly used to influence legislation in Congress and many state legislatures.

The Rate Survey is free for subscribers, and is published every October. Non-subcribers may purchase the most recent Rate Survey for $499; a set of all previous surveys is available for $1,399. Surveys can be shipped overnight, when possible, for an additional fee. Call 312-944-7900 to arrange overnight delivery. Sorry, the Rate Survey is not available electronically.

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